Grass Fence

Grass Fence

Cagrigrass Grass Fence

Grass fence system, which has a very wide usage area, is generally preferred for border security in fields, for covering walls and gardens. It can be used as a garden, landscape or garden drilling fence with its decorative structure. Grass fence panels;

• Tennis Courts, Football Fields, Volleyball Fields

• Gardens, Boundaries of Gardens, Privacy Areas

• Landscape for Decoration

• It can be used for numerous different purposes such as Border Security.

Decorative grass fence systems, produced as a result of our long-term R&D studies, have 100% UV protection and resistance to sunlight for 5 years. The products are produced in rolls of 10 m. Our product, which has a high density level, can be installed at the desired height and can be disassembled and mounted with its portable feature. The products produced by applying UV-protected PVC to hot-dip galvanized wires preserve the natural grass color without fading for 4 seasons. The products are resistant to cold and flame.

Grass Fence